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The Chromafoil System is a small desktop machine that is unobtrusive, simple and easy to set up, as well as use and maintain. You will require approximately a square meter of space for the machine to be set up, and to be able to use it efficiently.


IM 100 - Specifications

Weight - 14.5kg
Length - 56cm
Width - 29cm
Height - 24cm


IM 100


Delivery, set-up and basic training are all included in the price of the machine. A full price list or a personalised quote is available upon request.

For more information please contact us via our Contact Us page to request a foil swatch or for more information about the system. We welcome all enquiries and are happy to discuss with you your personal needs and how our system can benefit you and your business.


Chromafoil System - Image Transfer Systems - Bedfordshire UK