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There are two machines available for the preview Mock-Up System: the IM500 and the IM300. The IM500 is the larger of the two; the IM300 is smaller and more compact. Both machines are manufactured specifically for the preview Mock-Up System, the variety of pressure settings and speeds make it possible to transfer images and foils onto a wide variety of media including shrink film and flexible material. Which machine you require will depend on the size and format of the artwork you’re creating.

Both machines are unobtrusive, simple and easy to use and maintain. As the machines are so versatile that training is necessary to get the best results, the price of training is included in the cost of the machine.


IM 300 - Specifications

Weight - 22kg
Height - 30cm
Length - 67cm
Width - 43cm

240v, 13 amp power supply, C.E. approved.


IM 300


IM 500 - Specifications

Weight - 32kg
Height - 30cm
Length - 83cm
Width - 43cm

240v, 13amp power supply, C.E. approved.


IM 500


Installation, training and a six-month warranty are all included in the price.

For more information please contact us via our Contact Us page and we will advise you which model is best suited to your particular needs.


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