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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I foil onto both inkjet and laser prints?


Can I spot foil?


Can I use a variety of foils on one print?


What foils are available?

We have over 20 different foils available, including matt and shiny metallic foils, holographic foils, and white. If you would like more information about the foils we stock, please contact us via our Contact Us page (link to contact us page), a foil swatch is available for you upon request.

What substrates can I transfer to?

Using this particular system it’s possible to foil onto paper and card, labelling material, flexible packaging and shrink film.

My printer does not print white. Is it possible to print white using your system?

Yes, we make it possible to print white using an opaque white foil.

Is it possible to print white onto specific areas of clear labelling material?


Can we print foil onto flexible material and shrink film?


When making a shrink sleeve for a can, I may need a silver background. Is this possible using your system?

Yes, we have silver base foils available.

Is adhesive film required to print foil?


Can we print onto our own substrates?

It depends on the substrate you are using. We have an extensive range of products, some of which are used specifically to aid foiling and transferring onto certain substrates. We are happy to run tests using your substrates to see if it’s achievable using our system, please contact us via our Contact Us page for more information.

How much does the system cost?

Prices start from £3,995.00 including training, installation and a 6 month warranty.

Where do I purchase consumables to go with the system?

You can purchase everything you need for the system directly from us, please contact us for prices and more information on the consumables available via our Contact Us page (link to contact us page).

Do I need any special skills to be able to use the system?

The system is simple and easy to use, but as the system is so versatile training is necessary to get the best results. The cost of training is included in the price of the machine.

Do I need any additional equipment or software to be able to use your system?

You will require either a colour or mono laser toner printer to be able to use our system, regardless of whether you will be foiling onto laser or inkjet prints.

Do you offer any training?

Yes, because this system is very versatile training is provided. An extra charge may be incurred depending on your location, to cover the cost of travel.

If you have any other questions or would like more information please feel free to contact us, we welcome all enquires and are happy to talk you through whether or not our system is right for you.


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