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Mock Up System

Examples and uses

Using the preview Mock Up system you can spot foil to specific areas of your artwork, as well as adding multiple foils to an individual print, all with perfect registration. Small lettering, detailed typefaces and intricate designs are foiled clearly and effectively on both inkjet and laser toner prints. It is possible to print white using an opaque white foil, as well as adding matt and gloss finishes to your artwork.

In addition to adding foil, this system can be used to create finished, production quality, flexible packaging and shrink sleeve mock-ups. Images can be transferred onto shrink film and flexible material, in addition to foil and selective white areas.

The practical applications include, but are not limited to: Shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, cartons, labels, greetings cards and gift-wrap, book jackets, and social stationary.

For more information, a foil swatch or a finished sample, please contact us via our Contact Us page.


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